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Air Conditioning Installation Services

For 15 years, Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has provided its clients in Las Vegas, Reno, and neighboring areas the highest quality air conditioning installation service they could possibly find. Whether they have a newly-built home or office/business space that needs a reliable AC system to make themselves rest or work at ease, or an old AC unit that needs to be replaced so that they can save money than having it frequently repaired, you can trust Hawthorne PHC for your residential or commercial AC unit installation needs.

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Need Air Conditioning services in Las Vegas or Reno NV?

Call Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for outstanding repairs, tune-ups, installations, and more!

Wish to get air conditioning in your home or office installed?

Did you know that 84 percent of all homes in the United States have an air conditioning system in their homes installed? Las Vegas, in particular, has a dry climate which makes homeowners and business owners in the area seek for a reliable air conditioning unit to help them get through the hot days. 

Whether you own a single-family home, large apartment complex, or local business, only hire a trusted air conditioning installer for your residential and commercial space. Contact Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today!

A Quick Guide On How AC Installation Works

Schedule a consultation call

Once you’re ready to have an air conditioning unit installed at your home or business space, contact us at (844) 236-0190 so we can discuss an on-site visit at your location. We will assign an expert cooling technician to take a look at your place.

On-site Visit

Our trained and expert air conditioning installer will make an on-site inspection and will give you their assessment about which kind of AC unit – depending on your budget, space size, and location – is best suited for your situation.

AC Installation

The installation process doesn’t end once your brand-new AC unit has been installed. We will keep in touch for routine maintenance and overall checkups to make sure that your unit is running the way they’re supposed to.

Maintenance and Check-up

Our trained and expert air conditioning installer will make an on-site inspection and will give you their assessment about which kind of AC unit – depending on your budget, space size, and location – is best suited for your situation.

Get Hawthorne PHC as Your Air Conditioning Installer

Personalized services and customized solutions

Air conditioners aren’t a one-size-fits-all situation. We customize our air conditioning services depending on your home or office space’s size, budget for the project, and location. No job is too big or too small for our highly-trained and experienced team for we strive to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with every project we take on.

In-Depth Consultations With Our Knowledgeable Technicians

Our expert air conditioning technicians and installers are trained to provide all kinds of AC services for our clients. We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about AC unit installations.

Affordable Options That Won’t Break the Bank

Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling provides our clients only with the most upfront and honest pricing that is surely going to meet your budget. We’ll make sure to provide you with options that will be tailor fitted according to your considerations.

Top Quality Workmanship and Products

We understand that air conditioning installation could be a huge investment for your home or business space. With that, we guarantee that Hawthorne PHC is providing only the highest-quality workmanship and products so that your new AC unit is sure to last you for a long time.

Available 24-hour Service, 7 Days A Week

Hawthorne PHC can attend to your urgent air conditioning installation needs. Just schedule an appointment with us – whenever you need – and we’ll attend to you as soon as we can so you can have your brand-new AC unit installed right away.

Award-winning Customer Service You Can Count On

Here at Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we are committed to provide our customers with an excellent experience. We address your concerns right away and show up whenever you need us to.

What You Need To Consider Before An AC Unit Installation

The Size Of Your Space

Bigger spaces will need a more powerful air conditioning unit to get the job done, while smaller spaces won’t need very energy-hungry ones. Always make sure to have an exact measurement of the space you would want to have an AC unit installed so our technicians can make an appropriate suggestion.

The Energy An Air Conditioner Use

An average air conditioning unit uses more than 1000W of energy, compared to 50-100W for a standing fan. However, you can save on energy bills in the long run when you use an energy-efficient air conditioning unit rather than having a lot of fans to cool up your space.

Air Conditioner Routine Maintenance

It doesn’t end at the air conditioning installation process. Once you already have a working AC unit for your space, you should avail a routine maintenance for it so that you can save money in the long run rather than having it replaced earlier than you should.

AC Installation FAQs

What size air conditioner should I get?

Use this simple equation to determine roughly what size AC unit you need:

Take the square footage of your house and multiply by 30

Divide that number by 12,000

Minus 1.0 off that final number and that is your required tonnage

For example in a 3,000 square foot home, it would look something like this:

3,000 X 30 = 60,000

60,000 / 12,000 = 5.0

5.0 – 1.0 = a 4-ton sized central AC unit

If you are unsure and would like to speak with a professional HVAC specialist, call our Las Vegas air conditioning technicians today to set up a consultation where we can come look at your space and help you determine the best size air conditioning unit for your house.

How much would it cost to install a new AC unit?

We are committed to giving our clients fair, upfront, and clear-cut prices across all of our services. Call us today so we can give you an estimate.

Do you offer military discounts?

YES. We do offer military discounts when applicable. Just mention it to one of our technicians and we can definitely discuss it.

How can I get discount coupons?

Save up to $89 when you browse through our catalog of online coupons and specials.Terms and conditions apply.
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