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Numb fingers, freezing feet- who doesn’t hate waking up in the middle of a chilly night? Your covers and layers of jackets can’t even suffice your need for warmth. Could your furnace be broken?

Most people don’t realize there’s something wrong with their furnace, not until they need it the most. Fortunately, Hawthorne PHC is always ready to rescue you during the coldest days through our emergency services. We guarantee a high-quality furnace service as we have trained professionals equipped with up-to-date methods.

Reach out to us for your furnace repair in Las Vegas, and other nearby areas.

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About Furnace Repairs

A broken furnace can bring nothing but discomfort and irritation. No one would be able to survive the cold night without it. Guess it’s time for a repair.

While the DIY route can save you from spending a lot of money, but the question is: can you really save more money, or will it cause you more costs? Hawthorne PHC offers complete furnace contracting services. Repair, maintenance, installation? We can do it for you.

Signs Your Furnace May Need Repair

Most homes have oil, electric, or gas furnaces and each type of furnace has its own set of challenges when it comes to repairs. However, our Reno and Las Vegas heating repair professionals at Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling have the skills, tools, and resources needed to handle nearly any problem that you might encounter with your furnace in Reno and Las Vegas.

Since 2003, we have been providing the Reno and Las Vegas Areas with reliable repair services that come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All approved repairs come with a two-year warranty, so you can be sure you are receiving high-quality help at an affordable price.

If you are having a problem with your home’s furnace, give us a call today to schedule your appointment with our helpful staff.

If your furnace needs repair, check for the following signs:
The furnace won’t turn on

There may be a problem with your thermostat if your furnace does not turn on. The first thing you should do is make sure the thermostat is set to “heating.” Your thermostat may also be malfunctioning due to an internal issue, which only a professional can handle.

The pilot light won’t stay on

A pilot light that doesn’t stay on means the furnace won’t work. There may be issues with the thermocouple or pilot tube. Cleaning the thermocouple could do, but if it still won’t stay on. You might need to call for a repair.

The blower won’t shut off

Checking the setting first would be your best option. However, if nothing changes, reaching out to a furnace repair company should be your immediate response to the situation.

Hawthorne PHC and its Services

Furnace Repair

Furnaces will, without a doubt, break, may it be because of over-usage or time. The best way to avoid expensive repairs is to hire a trained and experienced team equipped with the newest methods, ensuring quality service.

Furnace Installation

During the winter, your furnace serves as your heating source. There must be a well-planned heating installation because this is a substantial home improvement project. And here at Hawthorne PHC, we make sure to impart the best quality service you never thought you’d experience.

Furnace Replacement

Possibly, your current furnace isn’t doing its job as well as it used to do, and repairs won’t solve the problem. So, you might require a total furnace replacement. And with Hawthorne PHC, it is a guarantee that you will receive first-rate service.

Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps provide quick heating and cooling for your home. Additionally, it can help you reduce your utility bills since it transfers heat from one area of your home to another.

Water Heater Repair

It pumps water from a tap or the laundry machine throughout the house. Even though it may last up to 10 years, there will be repairs along the way. You could prevent future problems by responding quickly to your water heater needs.

What Customers Say About Us

We gained a 4.8 rating out of 485 reviews on Google. Most of our clients are satisfied with our workmanship. Not only that, we have acquired awards including Angie’s List, Home Adviser, and an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.

Our customers’ testimonials will be our way to prove how committed and dedicated we are in our craft and service.

Why Hire Hawthorne PHC?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our technicians have gone through professional training, guaranteeing that they will deliver the services with quality and dedication. We have expertise in the field, so rest assured that we will exceed your expectations and standards.

Safety is Our Topmost Priority

It wouldn’t be possible for us to deliver high-quality services without the expertise of our team. We take care to protect you and our technicians from electric shock or any damage.

Fair & Affordable Prices on Services

Our range of services ensures fair and transparent pricing. Hawthorne PHC offers affordable home improvement solutions to help you quickly reach your home improvement dream.

Furnace Repair Service FAQs

Can an old furnace be repaired?

An old furnace may run okay with minor repair, but it won’t be able to keep up with your needs as efficiently as a new one. If you are tight on your budget, repairs for your old furnace can do. However, if you have the money, invest in a new one. Modern-day furnaces are built with energy efficiency technology, so it’s still worth the money.

What does furnace repair include?

Checks and adjustments are made to the furnace’s essential components, including cleaning, testing, lubricating, and adjusting as necessary. Checking the vent system and air intake grilles for blockages and removing them, and looking for damage or corrosion in the heat exchanger.

What are the most common furnace repairs?

Here are the most common furnace repairs:

1. Addressing malfunctioning thermostat

2. Clearing dirty and clogged filters

3. Changing pilot light

4. Heat exchanger repair or replacement

5. Repairing furnace due to blower clogged

How much should a furnace repair cost?

Typical furnace repairs cost between $131 and $478, which is $303, on average. The cost of repairing an electric furnace can be as low as $300. A gas furnace repair can cost more than $2,000 because of its complexity. Further, the average charge for repair experts ranges from $50 to $150 per hour. Fortunately, here at Hawthorne PHC, you won’t have to depend on the average costs. With one call to us, you’d be able to know the estimate of the repair.

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