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Goodman Air Conditioning

Getting a Goodman air conditioner is a great decision, but you also need to make sure you take care of it. Your budget is probably pretty tight, but you still want the best cooling unit that will work well in your home or office.

If you are having issues with your Goodman air conditioner, you no longer need to worry. Here at Hawthorne HPC, we monitor any known issues and provide solutions to all major air conditioner brands. In addition, we have technicians who are skilled in solving common electronic problems, mechanical breakdowns, and maintenance issues.

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About Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating

Goodman continues to be a top-rated manufacturer in North America, famous for its value and quality. Harold Goodman began out as a heating and ac contractor in Houston, Texas, until he began producing Goodman Furnace and Air purifier solutions.

In 1982, after getting one of the most prosperous builders in the USA, Goodman bought manufacturing equipment and produced his initial products. 

This usually means that contractors will not need to be in your house as long as you purchased other brands, and you can begin enjoying better degrees of relaxation in your home quicker than ever. 

Goodman has many innovative products that have enhanced their Goodman furnace and air conditioner goods through the years. Internal components patented by Goodman improve efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize comfort for the homeowner. Goodman has also put focus on creating products that facilitate rapid and painless installments.

This means that installers won’t need to maintain your house as long as though you bought other brands, and you can begin enjoying better degrees of relaxation on your home faster than ever. 

In addition, Goodman goods were built on a belief that high-quality products do not have to be expensive and that products may have a very long life and the lowest failure rates in the industry. 

These ideals have remained on throughout the modernization of the industry, and the philosophy behind every item produced is still the same.

Benefits of Getting Goodman AC & Heating

Offers the best value you can get

Goodman ACs is the only value leader in the market. It has achieved this status through innovation and giving customers what they wanted – reasonably good quality and low price. It also provides a recognizable brand that people equate with quality and reliability.

Most models are backed by an outstanding warranty

Goodman offers a comforting five-year limited warranty on its AC models along with a three-year warranty on its heat pumps. In addition, Goodman AC models provide a full warranty on compressors and coils plus parts and labor for the first ten years! A few others only match it.

Environmentally Friendly

Goodman universal and split central air conditioners sold and installed in the United States and Canada use R-410A refrigerant. This is the most advanced environmentally responsible refrigerant now used in HVAC systems.

Common Issues People Have with Goodman Air Conditioning

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks are a common issue for Goodman air conditioning systems. This can be a severe problem, as leaks of even a small amount of refrigerant can cause a loss of efficiency and increase energy costs.

Electric Control Failure

Another common issue people have with their Goodman air conditioning unit is an electric control failure. This problem often comes from overloading the circuit that powers your air conditioner and can lead to more significant issues such as power outages or fires.

Sensor Problems

Goodman air conditioner features a thermostat sensor, which is located behind the control panel. The sensor measures the temperature of incoming room air, and if it’s knocked out of position, the system could constantly cycle or behave erratically.

Services We Can Offer

Condenser Unit Air Conditioning Repair

Your air conditioner may be pushing out hot air if there are any leaks in the condenser unit. If your room is not getting cold, this means that heat from cooling coils isn’t being released properly due to a leaky condenser unit.

Air Duct Air Conditioning Repair

A significant amount of energy can be wasted if there is an air duct leak in the home. 

This is because the metal piping that hides behind walls and ceilings over time becomes enlarged enough to allow your valuable heated or cooled air to leak out, which means you are not getting the total value from your monthly utility bill. 

In addition, this waste often goes unnoticed because one room may feel warmer than others despite being hotter throughout certain times of the year.

Furnace Air Conditioning Repair

When the temperature falls below zero, you should consider furnace repair to prevent carbon monoxide leaks. 

When your furnace is not working correctly, it can cause potential danger for you and pets in the home because of its risk of emitting deadly amounts of carbon monoxide gas which could lead to death or illness if left unchecked.

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At Hawthorne PHC, top-quality workmanship is combined with unmatched customer care. We are committed to offering our customers the best service possible throughout every step of their project so they can enjoy an increased sense of security, knowing that we have them covered from start to finish.

Safety Is Our Top Most Priority

We have a team of highly skilled and licensed professionals that assist us in providing high-quality services that will go a long way in keeping you safe from any electric shock or damage. 

Our exclusive safety standards have been set by people who have years of knowledge and experience in this field.

Fair & Affordable Prices On Services

We are a team of professional licensed technicians dedicated to giving you the best possible service at a fair price.

Goodman Air Conditioning FAQs

Is Goodman AC any good?

Goodman Air Conditioners are one of the leading brands in the industry. They have been around since 1975, and it is understandable why they are so famous for their high-quality products. In addition, Goodman has a history of innovation, making them a quality brand to consider when buying an air conditioner.

How long should a Goodman AC unit last?

A Goodman AC unit should last about 10 to 15 years.

Where are Goodman air conditioners manufactured?

Goodman Manufacturing, located in Houston, Texas, is the company that makes all of Goodman’s branded air conditioners.

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