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Air conditioners work by removing warm air from inside the house and replacing it with cooler air from outside the house using refrigeration technology. When something goes wrong with this process, homeowners need an expert HVAC technician to fix their unit as soon as possible so they can avoid risking costly damage to their air conditioning units. 

When you have issues with your air conditioner, do not worry. Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is a trusted company that can help you with all your air conditioning needs. In addition, you no longer have to stress about being stuck in the heat as we offer same-day services and never charge extra for evenings or weekends.

Our crew is available now to serve the more fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada area. So book your air conditioning repair appointment now before you reach the point of no return!

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AC Repairs and Services

AC repair can be trickier than it seems. However, there are some things that the average person might not understand that make a difference in the cost of your repair. Hawthorne PHC is the leader in all types of air conditioning repairs and installation. Call us now to book a service or learn more about our maintenance and cleaning packages and products.

What Hawthorne PHC Offers

Condenser Unit Air Conditioning Repair

If your air conditioner is blowing hot air, airflow is diminished. How well your air conditioner pushes out cold air depends on the quality of its condenser unit. This is where the heat from the cooling coils is released. If there are any leaks, then this will lead to an inadequate cooling effect throughout the room.

Air Duct Air Conditioning Repair

Air duct leaks are prevalent. They are caused by wear and tear on the metal piping in your air duct system, which over time become enlarged enough to allow air to leak out. The typical effect of a duct leak is that you notice that one or more rooms in your house seem to be hotter than the others.

Furnace Air Conditioning Repair

Furnace Repair is essential. Furnace repair is what one needs to consider when the temperatures are dropping below zero. When your furnace is not working correctly, it can be pretty dangerous. It may start leaking carbon monoxide, which can be deadly to humans and pets.

Signs You Need Your Air Conditioner Fixed

Lack of cool/cold air

When your air conditioner isn’t working right, you can usually tell. For example, if it’s not hot yet and the temperature in the house is warm, it could be because there’s no cold air coming from any registers.

Reduced airflow

One of the signs of an air conditioning problem is reduced airflow. You can usually tell if there’s a problem just by looking at the vents. If they’re not blowing out, your cooling coil may be clogged, your electrical circuit may be overloaded, or your outdoor unit’s compressor may have failed.

Thermostat issues

If your thermostat is showing you a low temperature, even though your air conditioner seems to be working fine, it may be a sign you need to make an appointment for and have your air conditioner fixed.

Excessive moisture

Air conditioners are designed to remove moisture from the air. If they are not, many strange things can happen. There can be water leaks at the seams of walls, floors, and furniture. Condensation can form on windows inside of your home, which is just messy. There can also be problems with dampness in your air ducts.

Unusual noises

If you hear a strange noise when you turn on your air conditioner, it’s a sign you need to get it fixed. That’s because the strange noise is probably telling you that the fan motor is going bad, and if it fails, your air conditioner won’t work at all.

Strange odors

Air conditioner odor problems like musty smells and moldy smells indicate that the air conditioner’s coils are dirty and need cleaning. In addition, odors such as rotting fish and sewer smells suggest that the drain where the condensation from the air conditioner evaporator coil goes is leaking sewer gases into your home or office.

Reduced efficiency

The reduced efficiency of your air conditioner is a sign that it may need to be repaired. The system’s ability to cool the home efficiently can be impacted by many factors, including improper installation or lack of routine maintenance. It could also indicate an issue with the compressor.

Unusually high energy bills

Your monthly electric bill should typically stay reasonably stable unless drastic changes in your household’s habits or climate outside. However, if you see a sudden rise in your monthly bill and it’s not due to a change in how many people live with you or use appliances, then this could indicate something wrong with your HVAC system.

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At Hawthorne PHC, top-quality workmanship is combined with unmatched customer care. We are committed to offering our customers the best service possible throughout every step of their project so they can enjoy an increased sense of security, knowing that we have them covered from start to finish.

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We have a team of highly skilled and licensed professionals that assist us in providing high-quality services that will go a long way in keeping you safe from any electric shock or damage. Our exclusive safety standards have been set by people who have years of knowledge and experience in this field.

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We are a team of professional licensed technicians dedicated to giving you the best possible service at a fair price.

Air Conditioner Repair FAQs

Why is my AC running but not cooling?

Your AC is running but is not cooling because its evaporator coil might be full of dust. The dirt accumulation on the coil prevents it from cooling the indoor air, even though the compressor, condenser coil, and other components function well.

How do you fix an air conditioner that is not cooling?

First, turn off the power. Then check to see if all of the air filters are clean. Next, look at the coils to see how dirty they are. Next, use a hose to spray out all of the vents. Then replace the filter again. Next, look at the thermostat and make sure it’s in the proper setting.

Is it worth repairing my air conditioner?

The cost of repairs and the possibility of needing to replace an entire unit can be daunting, but it may be worth considering if you’re still on warranty or have had your air conditioner for less than five years

How much does it usually cost to repair AC?

The typical range goes from as low as around $163 to about half a thousand, while high-end repairs can reach up to an extraordinary amount of one thousand and ten dollars. You should note that specific fixes will have higher prices than your usual fix for this appliance.

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