4 Signs Your Heating System Needs Service

By:  Hawthorne Plumbing Heating and Cooling

4 Signs Your Heating System Needs Service

Waiting until the winter months to service your HVAC system can be disastrous. While a service call for annual maintenance can be an inconvenience, ignoring warning signs that your heating system needs maintenance can lead to thousands of dollars for unexpected repairs or replacement.

Watch for these four warning signs that your heater needs repair.

Hot or cold spots. An unbalanced distribution of heat throughout your home could be an indicator that your heating system isn't working properly. Homeowners should check for dirty filters, blocked vents and low batteries in the thermostat, if applicable. If the problem continues, a service call may be necessary.

High energy bills. If your utility bills increase with no explanation during the winter months, it could be an indication that your HVAC isn't operating efficiently. Possible causes could be a faulty thermostat or malfunctioning heating elements. The issues could cause your unit to run longer than normal leading to higher monthly bills.

Unusual sounds. Heaters can make a variety of noises. Some sounds indicate normal aging, while others mean a component needs maintenance. Common sounds include "kettling" that sounds like boiling water, dripping or gurgling and tapping or banging. If you hear any harsh, metallic sounds, switch the system off until it has been inspected by a technician.

Age. The expected life span of most heating systems is approximately 15 years. As the unit ages components begin to wear down and efficiency lessens. Even well-maintained systems need eventual replacement.