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5 Reasons Why Your Toilet Has a Weak Flush (And How to Fix It)

5 Reasons Why Your Toilet Has a Weak Flush (And How to Fix It)

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A functioning toilet is a must-have for all houses. When you have a weak flushing toilet, if you notice changes in its flushing power, it’s important to know what is causing the issue and how to fix it for good. 

This article will cover the most common reasons for your toilet not flushing strong and what you can do about it.

Possible Reasons for a Weak Flushing Toilet

There are several common causes that result in a slow-flushing power toilet. These include low water levels, clogged drains, blocked drain vents, and mineral build-ups.

So, let’s go through each of them in more detail.

Reason 1: Your Water Level is Too Low

  • One of the most frequent reasons for a weak flushing toilet is the water level inside the toilet tank being too low.
  • If the tank doesn’t have enough water, there is a limited force that can flow into the toilet bowl. 
  • The pressure in the toilet tank should be enough to push all waste into the drain.
  • The Solution: You can change the water level in the tank of your toilet float, so enough water fills the tank before the fill valve is turned off.
  • You might want to take a look at our in-depth guides on Six Reasons Why You Have Low Water Pressure in Your Home here!

Reason 2: Your Toilet Has a Mineral Build-Up

  • When the water flows to the bowl from the toilet tank, it goes through small openings located under the toilet bowl rim. 
  • Because these jet holes are pretty small, they can easily become clogged or blocked, which would result in the toilet now being able to flush properly. 
  • This is a rather common scenario if you live in an area with hard water.
  • The Solution: You can try a DIY solution by using distilled vinegar and a stiff bristle brush to clean the holes and break up the mineral build-up.
  • You should also consider installing a water softener to keep this issue from happening again.

Reason 3: You Have a Clogged Drain

  • You can typically spot a clogged toilet and use a plunger to force the blockage through the drain.
  • However, a partially clogged drain can also cause weak flushing toilet issues and be more difficult to see.
  • The Solution: There are a few methods you can try to unclog your toilet drain.
  • If a plunger doesn’t work, consider using a drain snake or calling a professional plumber to clear the blockage.

Reason 4: There Is a Blocked Drain Vent

  • Plumbing drain lines direct your toilet’s wastewater to the septic system, which is installed using vents.
  • Many of these vents carry smells and hazardous gasses to the outside and can become easily obstructed. This can result in a weak flushing toilet.
  • The Solution: To prevent problems with the wastewater system, you will need to use a cleaning solution to unblock the vents.
  • It’s always better to hire a professional plumber to do this for you, as they might need to get to your home’s roof.

Reason 5: Your Flush Valve or Flapper is Defective

  • Some problems with a slow flushing toilet have to do with the flush valve or flapper chain.
  • These parts, found in the toilet’s tank, also include an overflow pipe or overflow tube and a lever. The flapper is just a rubber part shaped like a ball. 
  • When you press the toilet lever in most toilets, the flush valve opening activates, and the water flow is released into the toilet bowl.
  • If there is a problem with the water supply valve or any of these parts, you can easily get a slow flushing toilet.
  • The Solution: Inspect the flush assembly and check if perhaps the chain is trapped or stuck.
  • If the problem persists and you still get an incomplete flush, you might have to replace the flush valve entirely.

Other Potential Issues for a Weak or Incomplete Flush

weak flush - Incomplete Flush - man pushing toilet flush button

Although we have covered the most common causes that keep your toilet from doing a full flush, there are things to consider that could explain the issue.

For example, the rim jets or jet flush holes could be clogged. To be sure, it’s always a good idea to call a professional that can check your entire plumbing system.

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