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Touchless Faucets and other Products

Touchless Faucets and other Products

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What are the Touchless Products?

So what are touchless faucets and other touchless products and how do they benefit me? As you know with the “Stay At Home” mandates that are statewide along with other states across the country people are realizing that when not working from home, we have a lot of time on our hands. 

And we all have a lot of time to Google things and do our research to stave off the monotonous boredom that may set in.

So Touchless products are not new but the technology has grown leaps and bounds over the last few years. I’m sure that you have seen the recent TV ads for the new sink that allows you to tell “Alexa fill the pitcher with xx of water”. 

To me that’s pretty cool tech. And as I am sure many of you are aware that Home Integration has become a large part of our lives now, with the Amazon Echo systems  and Google Home being a part of our home lives, not everyone knows that there is a larger part of our home integration that can be added to these systems.


•Kitchen Sinks

•Tankless water heaters

Just to name a few in this specific area.

What about other types of Touchless Products?

While there are many different types of Touchless products on the market ranging from plumbing items(i.e Toilets, Faucets, etc). 

The technology for voice activated and hands free technology is what we are becoming used to seeing. In the heating and air side of the technology this is primarily limited to the thermostats (NEST, Ecobee, and Honeywell).

While that is not such a bad thing it allows you to control the thermostat from anywhere in the world from your cell phone but when integrated into your Echo or Google home system you can ask it to change the temperature in your home. 

Now it is recommended that you have these types of thermostats professionally installed to avoid any problems with the operation of it. These are some of the benefits to these types of thermostats:

•User friendly

•Use from anywhere in the world

•Energy Efficient features

•Use from a mobile app or your Home Assistant (Echo or Google Home)

For the Rest of the House

As for the rest of your house, there are all different types of touchless tech on the market, from kitchen faucets to toilets. These are just a select few of the items available on the market at this point. But the technology is getting better and better everyday.

If you have used any kind of a public restroom in the past several years you have seen the touchless sinks in most of these restrooms along with touchless soap dispensers and touchless paper towel dispensers or hand dryers. 

Now they are becoming more readily available in your home. Mostly in the Kitchen is where these items are seen. Speaking of the Kitchen Sink, there is even a Kitchen faucet that connects to your Google home or Amazon Echo system, allowing you to fill up a container with hot or cold water.

In the Bathrooms for your house there are Toilets that can flush with a wave of the hand or even a simple pedal on the floor connected to the toilet. 

You can even get a voice activated Shower system that works through the same connected devices that you currently use in the house. 

A Bottom Line

Even Tankless manufactures are getting into the game with newer technology related to home integration systems. While the market does continue to grow with the times, home automation is becoming more commonplace. Eventually most newer homes will be built with all the items as standard instead of an upgrade. Feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our HVAC or Plumbing service technicians to find out more information about these home automation systems for your house. Looking for more information on home repairs? Check out the list of articles below!

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