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How to Deal with a Sewer Smell in Your House

How to Deal with a Sewer Smell in Your House

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sewer smell - sewer gas smell - inspecting of plumbing system outside of house

If you are experiencing a sewer smell in your home, you will want to know what you can do about the problem.

Nobody wants to smell sewer gas in their home and nobody wants anyone else to think their house smells either! It isn’t a pretty picture for anyone involved.

In this blog, we are going to talk more about what might be causing these nasty odors of gas, sewage, and waste in the house, what you can do to deal with the issue, and how you can prevent it from happening again.

What Could Be Causing the Problem?

sewer smell - What Could Be Causing the Problem? - plumber

First up, it is important to think about what could be causing the sewer odors. There are a couple of reasons why a person might smell sewage in their home, including:

Toxic gases

  • Leaks in sewer lines can cause sewer gases to enter your home. Sewer odors inside the house can imply that sewer gases, such as hydrogen sulfide and methane gas, are in your house too. 
  • This potential means that it is always important to call an experienced plumber to your home if you think you might be experiencing sewer gas leaks. 
  • If you are dealing with a rotten egg smell coming from your shower drain, floor drain, or general house plumbing system, your first point of call should be to contact a professional plumber to check this out.
sewer smell - Sewer backup - inspecting outside drain for problems

Sewer backup

  • As well as leaks in the sewer system, there can also be problems with a sewage smell due to sewage backups and blockages. 
  • If you are noticing a sewage smell in your home, alongside issues such as toilets taking too long to drain and even human waste rising through your plumbing fixtures, the problem may be a sewer backup.
  • This is also something that can be dealt with by professional plumbing services.
sewer smell - General Plumbing problems - hair removed from drain in bathtub

General Plumbing problems

  • Clogged drains, blocked toilets, leaks, and more can all contribute to a sewer odor in the home. If your house smells unpleasant in any way, you could be at the very least dealing with a clogged drain. 
  • This is a much easier fix than any of the previous problems, but still best dealt with by someone experienced in the field. To be free of the odor once and for all, professional help is the best way forward.

How to Solve the Problem

sewer smell - drain traps, vent pipe, house smells - plumber tool set

Now that you know what could be contributing to the problem, you will want to know how to solve the problem. Your main options include:

Call a plumber

  • Your number one solution to dealing with house smells coming from plumbing and sewer problems will be to call a professional plumber or plumbing service. 
  • Odors can from simple problems or more serious issues, and it is important to rule out the serious issues before you try any of your own home methods. 
  • Getting the problem sorted in an effective and professional way keeps your house safer and cleaner long-term. It is always best to get to the root of the issue, and a plumber can do that for you. 
  • Any time your house smells like a problem, make sure that problem is investigated thoroughly by people who know their stuff.
  • Maintain good plumbing fixture health at home
  • If you have ruled out any serious issues and your plumbing fixtures have been probably attended to, the best thing you can maintain the health of your home plumbing yourself. 
  • You can use baking soda, vinegar, boiling water, and other home remedies to clear drain pipes, you can keep your toilet bowl clean and clear, you can maintain your laundry room with proper ventilation, you can use unblockers for your bathroom sink, and use a drain cover for external fixtures. 
  • All of these techniques will prevent further problems from happening again in the future.
  • If you need more ideas on what to do to keep your plumbing clean and safe, you can ask your plumber for more details.

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The Bottom Line

You should never ignore a sewer smell in the house. Sometimes the smell can be related to something quite serious, such as a sewer gas leak. 

If you are smelling sewer gas in your house, always contact a professional plumbing company before you try any home remedies. 

If you can rule out that the house smell is to do with a plumbing problem or anything more serious, you can get to work on trying to deal with the nasty odor yourself.

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