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Cost of a Plumber to Snake Drain in 2022 in Nevada

Cost of a Plumber to Snake Drain in 2022 in Nevada

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snake drain - plumber outside using a drain snake to clear pipes

Snaking a drain is the process of using a plumbing snake to remove clogs from pipes and drains. The cost for someone to snake drain lines in 2022 will differ significantly depending on location, quality of service, geographic location, and service time impact. It also depends on whether it’s DIY or a professional method.

Importance of Plumbers

The job of a plumber is demanding and requires a lot of skill. Not everyone can be a plumber; in fact, most people are unable to fix their plumbing system when it breaks down. That’s where plumbers come in – they are responsible for fixing plumbing systems.

snake drain - Professional plumber snaking a drain - plumber using a drain snake in a kitchen sink

Types of Plumbers

  • There are three main types of plumbers: residential, commercial, and industrial. They all have different skill sets and responsibilities, but they all share one thing in common – their job is fixing problems in water distribution systems.
  • Indeed, the plumbing system is one of the most important systems in a house. It consists of pipes that carry water from the tap to various fixtures in the home and back again.
  • The system also contains drains and traps, allowing wastewater to flow out of the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and bathtub without creating a mess or damaging your home’s interior.


Expertise in Clogged Drains

  • Some may argue that plumbers are no longer needed as various plumbing systems currently exist. However, plumbers still have a place in the workforce and will continue to do so in the future.
  • In addition, plumbing systems have become more advanced and more complicated over time, meaning that there is also an increased demand for plumbers.

What Do Plumbers Charge for a Clogged Drain?

Plumbers generally charge a national average cost of $28 per hour but may charge more if they travel to a client’s home or are working on a more complex plumbing issue. The type of blockage, as well as if it is a main line clog or severe clog, and the method used to unclog it usually determines the cost.

For instance, the charges for minor plumbing repairs like drain cleaning and unclogging sinks are $75 to $250.

In contrast, larger maintenance such as fixing a water heater or sump pump costs around $500 to $800. Besides, some plumbers demand fixed rates of $50 to $300, even for common tasks.

You may find a professional plumber who offers flat rates if the job is simple clogged drains or drain cleaning. But you may be looking at a higher rate if they need to snake a drain in your main sewer line or garbage disposal.

Cost of a Plumber to Snake Drain in Nevada

So how much does it cost to snake a drain and clear the drain properly?

The average cost of professionally snaking a drain in Nevada is between $100 to $300. But, remember, it’s one of the cheapest methods to clear the drain. 

A drain snake is designed to unclog a sink or tub drain. It has a long handle with a loop at the end and is made of either plastic or metal. 

The snake can be inserted into the drain pipe and pulled back out to clear a clogged drain. It is considered an efficient and quick method to clear away small to medium-sized blockages.

However, snaking a drain doesn’t permanently resolve the plumbing system issues, as plumbers are not able to detect the origin of the issues in your plumbing system using a snake drain method.

The cost of a plumber will depend on the main line clogs, shower drains, or clogged toilet and how much work is required.

Plumbing Snake Options

Snaking a drain is a temporary solution to resolving water flow in the drains. There are several ways to implement this method: a manual or electric drain snake or hydro jetting.

Manual and Electric Drain Snake

  • Using an electric snake is a better option than a manual snake as it’s faster and instantly removes all the debris that clogs the drain.
  • Moreover, In Nevada, the average rate of unclogging a drain using an electric snake is between $250 to $400.
  • Make sure the plumber doesn’t use an electric snake in old pipes, as it’s not a suitable method for old drainage systems. 

Hydro Jetting

  • Some other methods, like hydro jetting, can clear more complex clogs. The method typically costs around $300 to $500 in Nevada.
  • While using a hydro jet, plumbers release a high-pressure blast of water into the drain. The powerful flow of water removes all the buildup and blockages that have created resistance in the drainage system, including mainline clogs and toilet paper.
snake drain - Hydro jet spraying water - water jet style draing snake with water spraying


Keep in mind that the cost of snaking drains varies from area to area. The prices discussed above are updated prices specifically for Nevada.

Certainly, the cost of a plumber has been on the increase throughout the past year in the United States, especially for specialized tasks like drain snaking and chemical drain cleaners. This increase is attributed to several factors, including increased demand for plumbing services and the growing costs associated with installing new systems.

Most plumbers offer flat rates for drain cleaning services, but this depends on if you have minor clogs, severe clogs, or if you’re in need of an emergency plumber.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to fix a clogged sink or change a light bulb-the experts at home repair are here to help! Check out the list of related articles below for more information on how to tackle common home repairs.

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