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5 Easy Tips for Winterizing the Outside of Your Home

5 Easy Tips for Winterizing the Outside of Your Home

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Autumn is the prelude for falling temperatures and wet weather. Even in warmer climates, increased moisture can wreak havoc on homes, especially plumbing, air conditioning and heating (HVAC) units. 

High winds and winter storms can bring damage and debris. Winterizing your outside utility components can reduce hassle for homeowners and prolong the life of various mechanisms operating inside the home.

Clean your outside HVAC unit

Remove debris, such as leaves, twigs, and grass clippings from around the unit. Use a hose to wash off dead bugs, bird droppings and accumulated dirt. 

Let the unit dry completely before using it. Performing an annual cleaning helps prevent rust and dirty buildup that can shorten the life of your AC or heating unit

Install foam pipe covers on exterior pipes

Cut the pipe insulation to fit the length and diameter of the pipe and wrap duct tape around the insulation to hold it in place. 

Pipe covers and/or foam insulation can be found at any hardware or home improvement store, and prevents pipes from freezing in cold weather.

Check exterior doors, windows and entry points around pipes

Seal cracks, crevices and pipe entry points to prevent air and moisture from leaking into the home. To keep the cold weather out it’s also a good idea to replace weather stripping around doors and windows.   

Regardless of climate, homes should be checked and repaired yearly to prevent rust or mold from getting inside.

Inspect roof, gutters, and drainpipes

Clean gutters and spray down the downspouts to dislodge leaves and debris. Consider installing leaf shields or extensions on downspouts to direct water away from the home. 

Inspect and repair flashing and shingles. This will keep your roof and gutter system operating properly, and prevent an excess of water and leaves from building up around your newly cleaned and sealed HVAC unit, windows and doors.

Prepare landscaping and outdoor surfaces

Trim trees and branches that hang too close to the roof, windows, HVAC unit, or any exterior electrical wires to prevent damage and possible power outages. While you are getting ready for winter it’s also a good time to seal driveways, foundations and wooden decks to prevent moisture seepage. These tips will help you extend the life of your air conditioning and HVAC units, keep you warm this winter and help reduce your power bill. For more information please Contact your local Hawthorne Plumbing Heating and Cooling Company. Don’t spend hours of your free time trying to DIY a home repair that you’re not confident in. Check out our list of home repairs below for more information on how to get the job done right- the first time!
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