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Skyrocketing energy costs? Heat pump installation could be the solution. Heat pumps transfer heat from the ground or another part of your home to the living area, allowing you to save money. In this way, your home can be heated or cooled quickly through the use of a heat pump.

Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is a company with heat pump experts that would help you with any heat pump services you want. Drop an inquiry today via call.

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Heat Pump Replacement and Installation

With our 15 years of experience in the industry, every homeowner in Las Vegas seemed to love our services for quality and reliability. We offer complete heat pump services to make sure you enjoy every corner of your house. Want it heated? We got you. Want it cooled? Noted. Schedule an appointment now

How Heat Pumps Are Installed and Replaced

Consultation Call

Call us at (844) 236-0190 as soon as you decide to replace your heat pump so that we can collect sufficient information for the on-site visit. We always schedule the visit at your convenience, and we will dispatch heat pump specialists to check up on your place.

On-site Visit

Our expert will conduct an on-site inspection of your unit and provide you with suggestions on which types of heat pumps are suitable for your budget, place, space size, and location. We, then, will wait for your approval.

Heat Pump Installation and Replacement

After inspections and decision-making, prepare your house for the process. For the replacement, we would have to remove the broken heat pump first before the installation. Our installer will keep you informed of the process.

If you are worried about the aftermath of the installation, we will tidy up everything for you! We got you covered from start to finish.

Maintenance and Check-up

As we are dedicated to giving a high-quality service, we won’t leave you behind during the heat pump maintenance and check-up. You can give us a call for queries about your unit.

Services We Offer

Heat Pump Replacement

A heat pump offers heating and cooling in any room by transferring heat from the ground. Regardless of which types of heat pumps you prefer and models of heat pumps, your utility bills will still decrease. We also offer a wide range of heat pump services: trust us with yours.

Furnace Installation

Survive all the freezing nights during winter with a furnace. Just ensure that an expert installs your heat source for you to avoid future problems and damages.

Furnace Repair

Repairs are inevitable. And hiring a reliable and trusted company will never keep you coming for repairs. They will do the job with expertise and enough knowledge, guaranteeing quality.

Furnace Replacement

Sometimes, repairs won’t solve the problem. And purchasing a new furnace won’t fit the budget. However, you can think about how much money you’ve been spending on repairs. Replacement might be the only way to get out of it, and don’t worry, we guarantee you satisfaction, and it will be worth the money.

Water Heater Repair

This device warms up cold water coming from a water supply pipe. Even though it may last up to 10 years, there will be repairs along the way. You could prevent future problems by responding quickly to your water heater needs. With Hawthorne PHC, you will never bathe with cold water.

Advantages of Installing a Heat Pump in Your Home

Greater energy efficiency since heat is moved and not created by the unit.

Save your money from energy bills by relying on a heat pump. The heat pump’s source comes from the ground and transfers it to another room.

Being used to both heat and cool a room, floor, or the entire house

Live in comfort and coziness with a heat pump since you can quickly heat or cool a room, floor, or even the entire house.

Providing greater dehumidification than most standard heaters or air conditioning units

Heat pumps are designed with “dry mode,” which you can use for dehumidifying a specific area. While removing extra moisture, you can switch between heating and cooling, letting you maintain the temperature in the room.

Helping to improve the indoor air quality of your home

Did you know that heat pumps have filter pollutants? You can eliminate common allergens and pollutants through these filters, such as dust mites and pet dander. They do not just offer top-class energy efficiency, but they will also guarantee the improved air quality of your home.

Being less expensive to maintain and lasting longer than other heating units

They don’t require much maintenance; just one a year would be enough for them. You can also have them checked by experts every three years.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Heat Pump

Continual repair needs

Sure, devices and appliances get worn out and will need heat pump repair services over time. However, if breakdowns continue to occur a couple of times in the same year, your system might be in dire need of replacement. Adding up all the repair costs would be the same as purchasing a new and more efficient heat pump. It would also save you from unnecessary repair costs.

Noises from the system

When the heat pumps make unusual sounds, there may be something wrong with them. It could be that components are depleting. You might repair this; however, if nothing changes, you need to replace it.

Uneven heat distribution throughout the house

Do certain parts of your house feel too hot, while others don’t? Well, there might be issues with your heat pump systems. You might solve this problem through a heating maintenance exercise, but changing the entire device is necessary if nothing changes.

Increasing energy consumption and bills

Noticed that your energy bills have been drastically increasing while having the same number of appliances? This could be because something’s wrong with your heat pumps. You can confirm whether your heat pump needs a call for replacement through regular servicing and heating maintenance.

Old equipment

Your current heat pump will inevitably wear down over time. Your heat pump may still operate okay; it would still need a replacement. Especially if it’s made a few years back, today’s heat pumps are equipped with technology and innovation. It would help if you replaced it to keep up.

Why Choose Hawthorne PHC

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We have professionally trained technicians that guarantee you satisfaction. The high-quality service we provide and expert knowledge are the hallmarks of our company.

Safety is Our Topmost Priority

Since Hawthorne PHC is a family-operated company, we take care of our experts and clients as our family members. We make sure that no faulty services will cause harm and damage to our experts and homeowners.

Fair and Affordable Prices on Services

Guaranteed satisfaction comes with fair and affordable prices. Who said that high-quality services need to hurt your pockets? We don’t do that here at Hawthorne PHC.

Heat Pump Replacement FAQs

What is the average life of a heat pump?

On average, heat pumps have a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years. However, it may or may not last long, depending on your usage frequency. It would be best never to neglect it and have it regularly checked by an expert.

How much does it cost to replace a heat pump?

Typically, a heat pump replacement price ranges from $4900 – $12500. The price will vary depending on the cost of equipment, labor, and other fees. Different factors affect the total price, such as tax credits, rebates, efficiency, line set protection, and different levels of heat pumps. You can give us a call at (844) 236-0190 for a quote.
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