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HVAC Care for Pet Owners

Most pet owners don’t think about the overall air quality in their home when acquiring an animal. Built-up pet dander and hair can cause a variety of problems from mild itching to brutal respiratory irritation. Pet hair on furniture and dander floating in the air seem to be only an irritating downside of sharing your home with a dog or cat, but did you know that owning a pet can affect the overall performance of your climate control system?

Pet owners can follow these four tips to improve air quality in your home and the performance of your HVAC system:

Replace Filters Diligently. To prevent inefficiency in your heating and cooling system, check the air filter before it is due for replacement if you have shedding pets in your home. If the air filter remains dirty, you can expect to increase the run time of your unit while experiencing only incremental changes in temperature. This will drive your energy costs up and can eventually lead to a complete failure of your HVAC system. Grimy air filters can also create unpleasant odors and spread allergens throughout the house.

Bathe and Brush Pets. The best way to control hair and dander is to remove it from the source. Regular brushing of your pet can dramatically cut down the allergens floating around your home, and regular baths will keep both your pet and home smelling clean. If you’re short on time, schedule periodic appointments with a groomer.

Clean Your Home Regularly. Routinely removing hair and dander from the furniture, floors, rugs and bedding will improve your HVAC performance. Wear and tear on your air and heating system in the form of dirty ductwork and clogged filters is inevitable but can become a much larger problem with pets in the home. A lightweight or hand-held vacuum can make the job much easier.

Get Your Ducts Cleaned. Small particles will circulate through your entire heating and air system eventually. Owning pets can increase the frequency in which your system and ducts need professional attention. Have your HVAC technician inspect your ductwork during his annual maintenance visit to determine if cleaning is required. Well maintained ducts will improve the performance and life of your heating and cooling system, as well as keep your home smelling fresh.

Taking care of your heating and cooling unit after getting a pet can improve quality of life for you and your pet. If you are unsure if your HVAC system needs maintenance or cleaning, contact the professionals at Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

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